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Skin in the Game
Live 60 Second Pitch

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Skin in the Game

LIVE 60 Second Pitch

SITUATION: Potential Business Partners, Buyers, Suppliers



TEAM: Namath Hahn, William Morisette


Jorge Mejia, Olga Rivas, Jennifer Llarinas, and Christina Zepeda


11:15 am


DUNS: 1545900330 - Cage Code: 8A1P5 - SB: 2005730

Dr. Diesel Technologies (DDTS) is a dynamic and innovative company providing leading edge technology for: · Logistics and Project Management for Interactive Electronic technical Manual (IETM) projects · Field Service Rugged Computing Solutions · Fleet Tele-Matics Solutions · Vehicle Diagnostic Solutions · Content Management Systems (CMS) · Systems Integration · Software Development · Fleet / Auto / Truck Parts

11:20 am

CEO and President Mr. Kelly C. Kendall, MBA  KNC STRATEGIC SERVICES -

DUNS: 081030113 - Cage Code: 825L7 - DVBE/SB: 2009119

KNC provides Cybersecurity Professional Services and is an IT Value Added Reseller. Our company provides these to local, state, and federal government agencies, educational institutions, utilities, and government contractors. We were founded by a team of principal management whose diverse and respectable career backgrounds span the U.S. Military and Wall Street. Two of our founders are Service-Disabled Veterans of the United States Marine Corps. 

11:25 am

President, Jackson Dalton, MPH, CSP

DUNS: 080637824 - Cage Code: 7UY00 - DVBE/SB: 2009473

Black Box Safety, Inc. is authorized by manufacturers to distribute the following safety equipment including eye, face, and head protection; hearing protection; respiratory protection, hand protection, foot protection, and high-visibility garments such as vests and jackets. safety apparel that provides protection from electrical energy (arc flash and arc blast), fire and heat, punctures and cuts, and bloodborne pathogens.  At Black Box Safety, Inc. we specialize in the prevention of serious injury in the workplace.

1:20 pm

President Jerry Bowden, Revealio Software Solutions -

DUNS: 080479433 - Cage Code: 7SLT7 - DVBE/SB: 2004160 - DBE: 46153 - MBE: WR04636

Innovative companies like Amazon are crushing other businesses like Rolaid tablets. What about you? Are you embracing technology to stay competitive and relevant in this rapidly changing digital landscape?

REVEALiO Software Solutions is the innovative team to help you excel! We provide web and mobile development, systems integration, QA testing. and emerging tech such as AR, AI, and Blockchain.

So, if you want your business to grow quickly and have long term success, work with us as your innovative partner, and together we will make your business COME ALIVE!

1:25 pm

Willie J. Tubbs, CEO -

DUNS – 052646558 CAGE - 843G1 SB/DVBE – 1802390 MBE - 16000540

Craneology, Inc. is a "Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business", whose main objective is to provide both the private and public sectors with comprehensive crane operator and rigger training and certification .  Craneology, Inc. achieves this objective through a team of expert trainers from the various fields within the Crane and Rigging Industry.  Craneology, Inc. has provided crane and rigging training around the globe and just like the Marines are first to serve, Craneology, Inc. is the Crane Industry’s force in readiness, waiting on your call.  Make your employee training Craneology, Inc's next mission.

1:30 pm

CEO Clement E. Johnson Jr.       ClemTech LLC

DUNS: 078861318 - Cage Code: 6XY61 - DVBE/SB:  2004279      

ClemTech is a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) of technology products and services. We add features and services to an existing product, then resell it as an integrated product or complete "turn-key" solution. Microsoft, IBM, HPE, DELL, EMC, HPE, ARUBA, APC and CISCO are part of our our product and service line. Our customers are business, government and education.

ClemTech is a Cybersecurity solutions provider. We secure the operational technology (OT) network and a broad range of industrial control systems, such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), distributed control systems (DCS), programmable logic controls (PLCs), remote terminal units (RTUs), intelligent electronic devices (IEDs), and election systems.

1:35 pm

President   Richard G. Loughridge     Multi-Comm, Inc

DUNS:  058828016  –  CAGE CODE:   7M8Q1  –  SDVOB: 227381

Multi-Comm Inc. is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business specializing in providing installation and maintenance services for the cable television and telecommunications industry, as well as the government and private sector. At Multi-Comm we provide a wide variety of services including commercial and residential cable installation, fiber optic installation and maintenance, commercial and residential rewiring and retrofit, structured data cabling and more.

Multi-Comm provides countless services for its cable television and telecommunications business partners, with the overall customer experience and satisfaction at the forefront of our minds. Whether you are a Multi-Comm business partner, government entity, private sector customer or company employee, expect nothing less than a positive and professional experience from everyone at Multi-Comm Inc. We are members of SCTE (Society of Cable Telecommunication Engineers).

1:40 pm

Mike “Doc” Riche, Owner/Lead instructor Survival Mindset


Survival Mindset provides full scale comprehensive training to counter Active shooters and other violent incidents.  Workplace violence comprises 50% of all active shooter incidents in the United states.  Survival Mindset is your turn key solution for all of your training needs, from basic first aid to dynamic scenario active shooter drills.

Survival Mindset is a recognized training partner of the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, all of our instructors are certified in multiple disciplines including trauma care, CPR and First Aid, Active shooter and more.

Our training is moldable and scalable to suit any need  and anywhere that attracts large groups of people such as churches, schools and corporations. Survival Mindset provides training to Local, State and Federal customers and the private sector.

1:45 pm

CEO Bill Rupert  Rupert Construction Services, Inc.

DUNS: 117101771 - Cage Code: 8EAX0 - SDVOSB/VOSB/SB-Micro/DVBE:  2002095      

Rupert Construction Services Inc, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), specializes in Construction Management and General Contractor services as a licensed general contractor (GC). The company is built on the premise of providing a better service than any competitor by focusing on client relationships, offering honest advice, and truly representing our clients.

The team has extensive experience managing small, large, and complex projects from scope to completion. Our approach is always flexible and adapts to individual client’s existing operational and organizational models.  With over 45 years of national and international experience in leading construction projects, we are resourced with highly skilled professionals and management templates, processes, and procedures resulting in effective project delivery.

Our strong operating principles have helped us to achieve success and create long-standing client relationships:

• dedication to the process of delivering projects professionally with our clients’ interests at heart;

• a team that is reliable, working with our customers and with partner service providers; and

• employees that always act with integrity in a collaborative process.

1:50 pm

CTO   Sam Scully,  SAM SCULLY STAFFING – https//

DUNS 969872071  - Cage Code:  80MP0

Sam Scully Staffing SSS is your staffing HR agency partner that provides recruiting and staffing, Training and Payroll Solutions for companies in both the private and public sector.  SSS services include recruitment, placement onboarding of IT professional talent, training and payroll management services.  SSS has successfully provided workforce solutions and has extensive experiences with large municipal agencies and companies from large Fortune 100 to small emerging companies. SSS is a veteran woman-owned and managed company. Weadvocate women'sand veterans’ contributions to the tech industry, inspiring them to pursue STEM careers and actively working with corporate partners to create a culture of equality.Upgrading the mind!

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