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First Entry To My Blog

Wednesday, March 04, 2009 09:46 | Deleted user
Wow, what a journey this already is and feels like it is going to be. Let me explain. Just a few short days ago (Tues., Feb. 24, 2009) I was sitting in one of my favorite spots in Fallbrook, a coffee house called Cafee Primo. It was mid-morning, the place was hoping with people---I don't know why the place was so busy on that day---in spite of that I was lost in my own thoughts---dwelling on some composition strategies I had just learned, when, upon looking up from my book, I saw Sam---a newly made friend I had made recently in this town that I just moved to a little over three months ago. We shot the breeze for a while and while chatting, he mentioned the Veteran's Resource Center. Being a veteran I asked what the Center was all about. He said that the center was right across the street, that if I wanted to come and visit the place, he would call Albert--the person responsible for its appearance here in Fallbrook. He got Albert on the phone and handed the phone to me---I liked what he explained to me over the phone and so I made an appointment to meet up with him the next day, at which time he would explain what was going on---and if I liked what I heard and wanted to become a part of it, I could arrange to do so immediately.


  • Thursday, March 05, 2009 12:12 | Jeffrey Backus
    Mr Marshall, welcome to the Fallbrook Southwest Veterans Business Resource Center. I am looking forward to reading your opinions on how the Orientation process was conducted. Thank you for volunteering to serve our great country during a time of war.
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    • Friday, March 06, 2009 05:24 | Deleted user
      Thank you, Mr. Backus. This is the first time I have ever written anything on a blog---and you are the first person to ever make a comment to something I wrote online!!! So, for me, the journey has begun---in regards to writing---to expressing myself in public as to my true inner beliefs and my vassssstttt number of experiences---and also of my reading of other's blogs, including yours!! Soon I will write about my thoughts and memories regarding the Orietation. Have a good day!
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  • Saturday, March 07, 2009 17:59 | Samuel Luna
    Jim,I'm happy that you joined swvbrc,good luck in all that you do.Remember 3/15/09 is my sobriety date,take care and God Bless you.
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  • Sunday, May 10, 2009 02:41 | Liz Turner
    I am waiting for your next writing ..... I love the stories and I am waiting for yours. Liz Turner
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  • Thursday, June 04, 2009 03:52 | Roger Reed
    Hi James Marshall, It was great to meet you and welcome you aboard the SWVBRC. We all had a great time during the Communications and Media Workshop. I hope you will get around to telling us more about what has been happening with you since joining are . I have plans to attend the 5th Annual National Veteran Small Business Conference and Expo and VVSD will be having the 22nd Annual Stand Down in July so lets keep in touch and stay positive.
    Take care till next time, Roger out
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  • Tuesday, June 09, 2009 06:37 | Daniel Boothe
    I know I am not the first and hopefully not the last to welsome you with open arms to an organization that truly cares and is devoted to offering support unseen by most. Because you live so close I am sure our paths will cross and am excited to meet with you.
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  • Saturday, June 20, 2009 10:58 | Laurel Ho
    Hello James, This is a little late in coming and for that I am sorry (no excuses). Welcome aboard and congratulations for taking the step into blogging. In reading your beginning, I just have to believe that things happen for a reason. You were in that coffee shop that day at that time for a reason. Best of luck and look forward to hearing the rest of your story. Laurel
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  • Saturday, July 25, 2009 19:32 | Deleted user
    Hi Mr. Marshall, Welcome. I'm Looking forward to reading your next blog "who am I". Isn't Cafe Primo the best?!
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