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Carol Andersen Grice, LCDR Nurse Corps USN, Retired

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  • Tuesday, July 22, 2014 16:19
    Message # 3050858
    Albert Renteria (Administrator)

    On July 21, 2014, at 10:48 pm PST, our beloved Carol left us and is now with her maker.

    She had a peaceful transition and welcomes your thoughts. Please join us in honoring a woman that contributed greatly to our Great Nation and the thousands she has touched. 

    We dedicated our first center in her honor and we will be opening our new Headquarters at 11 S. D Street, Perris, CA 92570 and in honor of her memory, it will be the Carol A. Grice SWVBRC Headquarters. We will display a memorial shrine to share with all that visit the history of Carol.

    It was my honor and privilege to know Carol and be with her at her final moments.

    Semper Fi,

    Albert R. Renteria, Founder and CEO, SWVBRC 

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  • Thursday, July 24, 2014 22:50
    Reply # 3053835 on 3050858

    Hello Al, 

    You meant so much to her, I think you were her knight in shining armor although she would not admit it :) I hope you are doing ok. I'm so glad I called her when you text me to and then spoke to her again on her Birthday. I will miss the emails, serious and funny and never forget all the stories of her life that she used to tell me. What a full life she lead and so many she helped. I'll miss her. A great big hug to you and not sure what I could do, but let me know if there is anything. Hugs and love,


  • Saturday, July 26, 2014 07:18
    Reply # 3055106 on 3050858
    Deleted user

    Hi Al,

    Carol and I have been good friends for a long time.  We worked on OI together and went to many Navy League meetings together as she could not drive at night. She helped me with my Mom with wound care which was her expertise. I enjoyed her stories about her experiences in her military career.  She had a strong but great personality and could get things done.  I really miss her as she was a great friend.

  • Sunday, July 27, 2014 13:31
    Reply # 3055464 on 3050858

    Good Sunday All, 

    My dearest Carol as I was sitting her this morning reading my emails and catching up, I ran across a joke that I thought would be very amusing and just before hitting the forward button, got that sinking feeling in my stomach. You will no longer read the silly jokes and political articles we used to share and I will never be able to read your snappy comebacks. :( I miss you already and I just thank you so much for taking me under your wing back in the old OI days and showing me what service means. You are a tough bird and yet with a heart of gold. I will always treasure the Mrs. And Mr. Snowman and Santa and Mrs. Santa you made for me for Christmas. I will have them out every year to remember my friend.  Although I hadn't seen you in quite sometime our phone calls and emails will be missed. Love you gal. Rest well your journey here is done.

  • Wednesday, July 30, 2014 19:06
    Reply # 3057562 on 3050858

    Albert, I know how much Carol was loved by all that had the pleasure of meeting her. I got to talk to her about her dog Gunny. She told me she was unable to take care of her anymore, and that Gunny was homeless when she had found her on the streets. She said that she gave her to you and Gunny bit you when she met you. I think Gunny liked you. Soon after she bit your grandson and you asked me to take Gunny in. I told her that Gunny was doing good and very happy. I was hoping to take Gunny to see her. I know Carol is looking down at Gunny now. We will miss Carol and pray for her everyday. Albert Guzman

  • Thursday, July 31, 2014 10:04
    Reply # 3057978 on 3050858

    Albert I remember her telling me about Gunny and biting Al and his Grandson. I'm glad you were able to take her pup in, how generous of you. I am sure Carol is looking down upon you right now with mighty thanks. Awesome post ! Laurel

  • Sunday, August 03, 2014 22:25
    Reply # 3062934 on 3050858

    To Albert and all,

    I installed Carol's Home Security Alarm while I was in training back in early 2000. I was also in the Navy Reserve and Carol and I hit it off like she did with everyone, especially "her" sailors. We stayed in touch and quickly became friends. When I was recalled to Active Duty after 9/11 she emailed with my dad from an email that I had CC'd her in to him. They quickly became friends since my dad was a sailor from '54 to '61. They shared many a story and laugh. She was always calling my dad to check up on me while I was back on active duty. I'd call her on her birthday and she asked me the 1st time how I knew it was her birthday? I said, I installed your home security alarm and that was one of the questions I asked you, and you told me. She told me her story and showed the picture of the 1st Female Officer ever allowed in the "Mess Night" and was very proud of that. As well she should be. This world lost an awesome lady and leader and heaven picked up a true Angel. You will be missed her by everyone you ever touched Carol, and one day we shall meet again.


  • Monday, August 04, 2014 10:14
    Reply # 3063420 on 3050858

    I came to know Carol, first as my sister-in-law but the common cords that make a nurse's heart held much in common with Carol. She was a great nurse that exemplified, "If you going to do a job do it right & to the Best of your ability" with the patient's heart & soul being thought of as well as their physical needs.  Loved Carol's laugh & ability to tell a occurrence with such vibrance that you could visualize it.  In later years I had the opportunity to see Carol & visit with Carol as she worked @ Bergan Mercy Hospital in Omaha often sharing a short chat as when we saw each other at work.  Carol & I also loved our Furry Friends.  She was dedicated nurse with a big heart----she told the situation like it was & approached it with the common sense attitude of handling it.  It was what it was & she made the most of it.  Will miss our computer visits Carol but know you are in God's hands....."Well done good and faithful servant".  Until we see each other again. sending my love & hugs to all those who were fortunate to  know & work with Carol----SHE WAS A LEGEND IN HER TIME !!

  • Tuesday, August 05, 2014 10:06
    Reply # 3064336 on 3050858

    I came to know Carol when I was the Director of Alumni Relations at our alma mater. I nominated her for our most prestigious award, The Horizon Award. She returned to Omaha to receive her award at the annual alumni reunion. There I had the honor of meeting Al. From that time on we were "buddies." 

    In the spring of 2013, I traveled to Oceanside to meet with area alums. I am so very glad that I had this opportunity to spend time again with Carol and Al.

    I was so very sad, yet extremely honored, that Carol placed calls to me during her last days. It was difficult to hear Carol in such a weakened state. I know now that she is strong again and most likely giving orders in Heaven!

    I will miss her, but in keeping with our alumni motto, it is my hope that "I Made a Difference" in Carol's life.  

  • Tuesday, August 05, 2014 10:47
    Reply # 3064400 on 3050858
    Deleted user

    On behalf of Assembly Member Jose Medina, it is with great pride that I share his deepest sympathies for the loss of Lieutenant Commander Carol A. Grice. Assembly Member Jose Medina may not have known Carol very well but by all accounts she was an outstanding woman. Her country will be indebted to her for her sacrifice. I hope that the tremendous outpouring of support will validate the high regard that everyone has for Carol A. Grice. May her legacy live on in our hearts.


    Jose Medina

    California State Assembly Member

    61st Assembly District


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