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The Resource Center

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 Every Business Resource Center is dedicated in honor or in memory of a veteran. Our first center was dedicated to LCdr Carol A. Grice USN Nurse Corps 1954 - 1974 Retired.

LCdr Grice is pictured with a photo of her circa 1966 in the background and Frances Lowe at her side

The size of the center is about 500 sq ft with three rooms

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Each room provides a place for an eligible participant to take advantage of the available technology, such as use of laptops, laser printer and scanning of documents.

This user friendly environment is made possible by the community that volunteers and funds the operation of each center.

These photos from the Fallbrook, California center is the basic model for all locations.

The conference room is a modest 8' x 16' area

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The success of eligible veterans requires a place to meet potential prospects where discussions and interviews can take place.

The use of the conference room provides the ideal environment for meetings and interviews.

Participating and registered members are afforded the use of the conference room at no cost. It is their Earned-Right.

The common area is 15' x 30'

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The common area is where eligible participants can find themselves researching online or just finding a place to learn about available resources.

The hours of operations will vary and appointments are always welcome.

This is Where Communities Serve Veterans and we will be in every state in the nation and eradicate homeless veterans by 2035.

A place to meet and plan

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The setting is welcoming to visit with others seeking like opportunities and enjoying professional discussions.

The quaint appearance of the center is inviting and open to collaborating ideas and projects.

We invite all active duty and veterans to visit and encourage them to register. Once registered the center is available for their use.

Use of equipment

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Each room has unique equipment and the common area provides for six tables each with two chairs and laptops. Each laptop has the most current software.

There is high speed internet with wireless printers. Documents can be printed or converted to an electronic file.

There are doors for the two other rooms for privacy and windows to determine if the room is in use.

14 Level Reintegration Program

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The Resource Center usage is the basic Earned-Right for all eligible participants

The cornerstone of The Resource Center is the reintegration program. After an eligible participant decides to be part of the program they are required to sign a nine article agreement.

The agreement serves as a binding contract that we can only help if the eligible participant commits to help themselves.

Federal Benefits 2012


Who we are

We are a national public benefit nonprofit organization that educates American Communities about best practices to serve Veterans.  We honor their service by empowering Veterans to apply their training and skills to successfully transition to productive careers and enterprises.

We provide free vocational training 24/7 to all of our members through our website, in addition to local events.  We believe the tenet that American Communities are the ultimate beneficiaries when Veterans claim their benefits and invest in productive endeavors.

The SWVBRC enlists the support of members of local Communities like you to increase Veteran awareness of the value of obtaining a VA card and receiving earned benefits.

Sponsorships, donations, volunteers and support from communities like yours enable us to reach out to Veterans and empower them to transition back into successful, productive enterprises that ultimately benefit all Americans and support future generations.

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The Internal Revenue Service has determined that Southwest Veterans' Business Resource Center, Inc. is an organization exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. A donation to SWVBRC, Inc. is deductible to the extent permitted under law.

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