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The public's trust demands full disclosure of all public benefit charitable organizations. It is the intent of the SWVBRC to open all financial documents without being asked or requested. The SWVBRC completed their first financial year in 2008 and filed the e-postcard since the SWVBRC gross income was less than $25,000. However, the 990 EZ form was completed and made available to the public even if SWVBRC did not have to file the form. Making the 990 EZ available for public view is in concert with the Financial Transparency the public trust requires and should always demand.

The public will be able to view all future IRS documents on this page. The public can also visit and view additional disclosures of the SWVBRC. The SWVBRC acknowledges a clear understanding of the Non-Profit Integrity Act of 2004.

The SWVBRC is the brainchild of its founder Albert R. Renteria CWO-4, USMC Retired, and is the guarantor for the financing to getting the SWVBRC started. The growth of the SWVBRC is the direct result of the many community participants and business sponsors. Your support is welcome and appreciated.

Every Veteran signing as a Learner is provided with the white logo shirt for free and Learn-and-Earn stipends up to $2,080.

In todays world, with the economy at such a low, people are understandably reluctant to donate to every one of the many requests they receive.  It's important, however, with all the legitimate and worthy organizations appealing for help, to prioritize.  It is our Veterans who should be at the top of the list.  All of these men, who put their lives on the line for our freedom, must not, cannot, will not be left behind!  The organization that is mindful of this and doing so much for all of these Veterans is "Where Communities Serve Veterans."  This is all because of the vision and dedication of retired CWO-4, Albert R. Renteria, who is CEO and founder. Fran Tobias

Governing Documents for Public View

Incorporated May 21, 2008 in honor of Memorial Day

Articles of Incorporation

Received IRS Determination Letter 77 Days later, August 6, 2008!

IRS Determination Letter

ByLaws as revised June 30, 2016 by 9th Board of Directors


Conflict of Interest Policy

Board Member Standards of Acceptance

Yearly IRS Tax Documents For Public View  

 - 2018 Tax Documents: 2018 990

 - 2017 Tax Documents: 2017 990

 - 2016 Tax Documents: 2016 990 

 - 2015 Tax Documents: 2015 990

 - 2014 Tax Documents: 2014 990

 - 2013 Tax Documents: 2013 990 EZ

 - 2012 Tax Documents: 2012 990 EZ

 - 2011 Tax Documents: 2011 990 EZ

 - 2010 Tax Documnets: 2010 990 EZ

 - 2009 Tax Documnets: 2009 990 EZ

 - 2008 Tax Documnets: e-postcard 2008 filing - 2008 990 EZ

Federal Benefits 2012


Who we are

We are a national public benefit nonprofit organization that educates American Communities about best practices to serve Veterans.  We honor their service by empowering Veterans to apply their training and skills to successfully transition to productive careers and enterprises.

We provide free vocational training 24/7 to all of our members through our website, in addition to local events.  We believe the tenet that American Communities are the ultimate beneficiaries when Veterans claim their benefits and invest in productive endeavors.

The SWVBRC enlists the support of members of local Communities like you to increase Veteran awareness of the value of obtaining a VA card and receiving earned benefits.

Sponsorships, donations, volunteers and support from communities like yours enable us to reach out to Veterans and empower them to transition back into successful, productive enterprises that ultimately benefit all Americans and support future generations.

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The Internal Revenue Service has determined that Southwest Veterans' Business Resource Center, Inc. is an organization exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. A donation to SWVBRC, Inc. is deductible to the extent permitted under law.

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